Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Decoding the Excel VBA password

This thing haunted me since ages. I was able to figure out a way to do this in unique style. I was thinking about finding the password for these many days but later found that we could change it the way we want. Following are the steps to accomplish this little trick:
1) Make a copy of excel file for which you need to find the VBA password (This is just for future recovery just in case the conversion fails)
2) Create a new excel file and set VBA password (eg: testpwd)
3) Download any HEX editor like "Hex-editor XVI32"
4) Open the source file and newly created excel file using this editor
5) Find following string CMG=" and copy the hex code till double quote ends
6) Paste it in the source file at same CMG=" location
7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 for search string DPB=" and GC="
8) Open the source file and enter VBA password 'testpwd' to open the VBA editor ....VOILA

Reply back to me if you need to know passwords for different file formats. Mail me if you have any query or suggestions regarding this.


Ajju said...

Great Work Dude.Keep rocking,

Anonymous said...

Something wrong here. You coukd just have opened the file and enter the 'testpwd' password w/o so much complexity afterall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, this method works on unlocking most projects but not all add-ins.

I've seen add-ins protected in such a way that when you try to view them the message "Project Locked. Project is unviewable" appears instead of prompting you for a password. This method doesn't unlock it.

Have you encountered this problem before?

Anonymous said...


some Hacker on the internet named Viruz_Man coded a tool to open Any VBA Passwords Including Add-Ins, and this software works great, i have never downloaded a software that works like this.

lehungcuongp6 said...

Can anybody share Viruz_Man's tool to open Any VBA Passwords? I can't find it in the internet

Anonymous said...

an error occurred initializing the VBA libraries (265)

JayP said...

For some reason this isn't working for Excel file now has no code and just has some text left over in a few cells. Any ideas why it's not working?

Anonymous said...

Works like a charm for Access2010 accdb file

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to crack a "Project is Unviewable" VBA issue in excel? Reading above it sounds like there was some software that was developed to do this from "Viruz_Man"? I can't seem to find that anywhere though.

If that doesn't exist, does anyone have any other thoughts/tricks they know of?

asrul made said...


Anonymous said...

You can also take the help of third party VBA password remover software, which allows you to recover your lost Excel VBA password in just few steps. Download from here:

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