Friday, August 6, 2010

Trek atop Tunnel Top

Tunnel Top again after 2 years... It were the same exciting incessant rains this time around when we visited Tunnel Top (a small place near Karjat) 15 days back with a group of mixed breed people. By breed here I mean there were first timer trekkers, few more experienced ones while some lazy guys who had different thoughts about the venue.
We left Khadki(Pune) railway station at 4pm to reach the spot at around 5:30pm only to get down on a small pavement near the railway tracks before Karjat. There was this huge valley on left side of ours and train gushing from 6 inches on the right. It was terrifying for few among us. As soon as we reached the cottages we were greeted by a small cup of tea. SATISFACTION !!!
We spent our time roaming around the area untill it was dark then had a good dinner with chickne specially prepared for us in authentic maharastrian village style. We spent next 2 odd hours playing cards and went off to bed at around 2 am. The next morning was very beautiful as we set off for a small walk to lashing water nearby. We got our backs turned red as we tried standing tall under the waterfall but to vein. Then we returned to cottages had lunch and played poker for about 2 hours. Neitherless to say I lost again. At around 4:30 pm we started our return journey by waiting at railway tracks only to find that the train was late by 30 minutes and we got drenched in monsoon rains for the last time before we gasped for running train where one of friend dislocated his shoulder (He is fine now :) )and reached back to our destination. Off we went to bed after a hot shower for much needed sleep and with hope of another trek this year in same season.