Sunday, December 7, 2008

OTA Basics - I

Create connection with QC
I will demonstrate how to create connection in any scripting language with QC using OTA. I will be using VBscript editor provided free with Microsoft Excel.
Here we go...

Set tdConnection = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")QCConnection.InitConnectionEx "your QCURL" 'eg: (http://qc/qcbin)
tdConnection .login Username, Password
tdConnection .Connect Domain, Project

We are ready with connection object which we can use to insert, update, retrieve data in TD/QC.
We will look at various ways in which we can use this connection.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Designing a commercially viable product.

How do we go about transforming an idea into a product which is commercially acceptable ? We normally hear people having thousands of IDEAS but very few or none of them getting shaped into a product which is widely acceptable and commercially feasible. So what is it that makes a product ?
Its keeps mesmerising me about success of Google and how they have changed their path from not being stuck in a single domain of Search Engine market. They have spread their wings in nearly all fields of Web.
For any product I would say should start with basic need. It should be followed by need by other people around of similar or exactly the same need. Office automation is the key to any product development. Office automation here means automating the tasks which are done manually usually in office or at work. This kind of development gives us an Insight about things which we do clerically and things which we can reduce upon.
Second factor I think is Technology without the virtue of which you cannot proceed.
Last but not the least Finances hold key in growing the product as initial development is normally carried out anyways with or without external finances.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai rocks again...

What the hell is going on in Aamchi Mumbai ?
Have people become so ignorant that they no more care about the lives of thousands of innocent people dying each day due to terrorism. As we saw last time after the local train bomb blasts life resumed in a day. People were more than happy to travel in locals the very next day and were even more proud to say that life is back to normal again as if nothing has happened. This time it was a group of self proclaimed JIHADIS who killed hundreds of innocent people for no gain. How do they think this is going to help them ? Their mentality puts a thinking person in dilemma everytime they create havoc. Why would one embrace death after killing ten or hundreds of people which he dont even know ? Our politicians as usual are pointing fingers to each other or some foreign nation they say. When will our diplomatic officials realise that this is no solution to terrorism. Finishing them is the only solution as was shown by KPS Gill in Punjab.
God save India now...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Creating your own Dashboard for Mercury Quality Center in Excel using OTA.

There are very few things which amaze me... OTA is one of them.
It gives such flexibility and easy adaptibility that we can make use of same and create a whole new software for ourselves.
I would start listing a few things Ihave done using OTA in coming days. Comments are always welcome and Iwould be more than happy to help you guys out there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creating two databases in sync...

We had this unique requirement of having two different tables in two different databases on two different DB servers in sync. (Too many differences huh...)
We created the same in a span of 2 days starting from scratch. We started with creating local triggers for Insert, Update and Delete which would dump the INSERTED / DELETED data in a temporary physical table on same DB server. Then we created stored procedures which would pull data from the remote temporary table and dump the same in local table. (Not the local temporary table.).

We used the Managed Application feature in SQL Server 2005 to run the stored procedure after a fixed interval of time. We did this to avoid updating data on remote Database directly using triggers.

Last but not the least the databases remain out of sync for the time indicated in Managed Application.