Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Rajgad trek

Hmm...Finally something to cheer about after long QTP blogs and here I am writing my first travel blog. First of all let me thank all 5 great trekkers who accompanied me and kept my morale high troughout our journey ;).
We had an exciting last weekend wher we spent the whole night chilling out ...literally. It was around 12 degrees but the wind flow gave you an hint about what chilling out meant. We left Pune at 6 (We were supposed to leave at 3:30 but who cares about punctuality in India...thanks to my fellow members) crossed the 12 km stretch on NH4 towards Satara with 4 stops last being at new McDonalds outlet. It was almost dark when we reached the base of Rajgad so decided to have some food. We started around 9 pm and made our way to the top from the 'CHOR DARWAJA'. It was the brightest full moon night and we had some interesting photo shoots during our journey. One of our trekker was about to leave his baggage at base after 10 mins of walking (or I should say was eager to come along without luggage) so we had no other option to carry it on other shoulders. At about 12:30 we had reached the temple on top and then were scavenging for a place to sleep. Finally got one behind the temple had our fire place lit up and we were fast asleep in our bags. Morning sun was extremely beautiful from the fort top and we clicked in heaps. We then started climbing the BAALEKILLA early(9 am is early) in the morning reached the top at about 10AM and enjoyed the beauty of Western Ghats from the top. Visited MACCHI on our way down and came back to the temple for our lunch. Then we started our looong journey down hill as few of our trekkers were afraid of heights. Kicked bikes and zoomed off to Pune with again break at McD. It was fun altogether.