Monday, February 13, 2012

New city new dreams

Finally a blog after 18 months... Don't know what stopped me this long. After frustrating 50 days in new city Chandigarh yesterday was a complete surprise for me.
It all started at KFC outlet in Panchkula where I relished chicken and gulped a bucketful. I came back to apartment and went for a walk in garden which is just across the street. This is what i love about this city. Gardens, Parkways and dedicated lanes for cyclists. All of sudden I saw 2 guys playing badminton and I started watching them from distance. After a while they felt pity on me i think :) and they asked me to play a game. It was just me after that. I bet those guys real flat and they were so impressed that they asked me to join their team for a game of cricket on Sunday. They had probably thought that I would play good cricket if I was playing better badminton. Had a sweat drenching game yesterday morning and I was completely taken back in the history with cracking sound of timber and smell of grass and that too on ground prepared for ICL.

Visited HUDA sports complex(includes ICL cricket ground) which has facilities for Badminton, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey and Athletics. This was the first facility where there are avenues for games but no kids to play :). This sports complex is about 1 km from my apartment so I will be visiting it quiet frequently now.

After having lunch I decided to tour the city alone. While I was travelling from Panchkula to Chandigarh saw Kalagraam - city of Adivaasi and made my first stop there. The place has rock sculptures with a open air amphi theatre in center. I was a witness to making of a punjabi video and was relieved that the bollywood heriones are far better and even better dressed. Then I visited the Rock garden(I would describe it Best from waste), Sukna lake and Cacti garden. I was simply amazed about meticulous planning and the way this city has been shaped. Took the giant swings in Rock garden and even dared to sit on camel(I was skeptical about camel not being able to get up but the poor guy did a dash of 200 mtrs with me on his back). It was sheer fun. I came out and was wondering on bike and came across this one road I would never imagine. I would rate 'Jan Marg' the best road I have witnessed in India. It has seperate lanes for Ambulance and emergency vehicles plus additional lanes for cyclists and pedestrians. I had never expected something of this sort in India. In the evening went to sector 17 for bird watching. Wonderful place indeed.

Overall a very good weekend for the first time since I am here. You might just fall in love of this city.


Saul said...

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Joandyy said...

People do things without any reasons sometime.
I do not like to do something in advance, too.