Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Designing a commercially viable product.

How do we go about transforming an idea into a product which is commercially acceptable ? We normally hear people having thousands of IDEAS but very few or none of them getting shaped into a product which is widely acceptable and commercially feasible. So what is it that makes a product ?
Its keeps mesmerising me about success of Google and how they have changed their path from not being stuck in a single domain of Search Engine market. They have spread their wings in nearly all fields of Web.
For any product I would say should start with basic need. It should be followed by need by other people around of similar or exactly the same need. Office automation is the key to any product development. Office automation here means automating the tasks which are done manually usually in office or at work. This kind of development gives us an Insight about things which we do clerically and things which we can reduce upon.
Second factor I think is Technology without the virtue of which you cannot proceed.
Last but not the least Finances hold key in growing the product as initial development is normally carried out anyways with or without external finances.

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